Peter talks App Ops & Relay Races in Dublin


Peter Dynaburski

Application Operations Support, Dublin

Hi Peter! Tell us a bit about what you do at Groupon and what brought you here.

I’m a part of the Application Support Team in our Engineering and Digital Marketing hub in Dublin. Three of our team are based here with the rest of them in our Chicago HQ. We provide global, world-class post-production support to every backend service, internal tool and legacy product needing our assistance. We investigate errors and workflow blockers then escalate these issues to appropriate Engineering and Product teams for resolution. We’re all about Groupon’s core value of starting with the customer and working backwards, so we pride ourselves on delivering a great service!

I have been working in IT for the last 8 years in similar production/support roles. What appealed to me about Groupon – aside from the role being in my field of expertise – was the opportunity for growth and career development within an established company with global reach.


What interests you about your role? Tell us about some of the challenges.

Working in App Support, I probably see more issues than most folks at Groupon. You could think of our team as a hub for all application-related problems which we filter and channel to the appropriate engineering teams for resolution – we’re the kind of ‘front line’ so we help relieve a good deal of the pressure on the teams we work with.

No two issues are ever really the same and we tend not to see even similar tickets very often, which means that every day brings new challenges and new issues to resolve. It’s constantly changing, which is great, but also demands you be at your best to make sure you cover all the bases!

Our Teams also get to work with a vast range of technologies, so the possibilities to expand your knowledge base are immense!


What’s your favourite thing about your job? What keeps you motivated?

What I love about Groupon is the diversity! It is give me the opportunity to work with different people – smart people, from all over the world and that’s a great thing! Also the support that company gives me is superb: I’m studying at the moment (3rd year BSc Information Systems & IT in Dublin Institute of Technology) and I receive a Personal Growth Benefit to help me pay my tuition fees.

What keeps me motivated? Whatever challenge each day throws up: seeing issues through from initial report to fix deployment is quite satisfying! We also make sure to take time to enjoy ourselves too, like doing team relay races – they’re tiring but great fun!img_6288

Some of the Groupon Crew hitting the Dublin Staff Relay 2016

You’re not originally from Dublin, but you live here now. Tell us a bit about where you came from and how you find living in Dublin?  

I’m originally from Poland and I have been enjoying life in Ireland for the last 11 years. During that time I have learned tremendous amount of new skills that have shaped my career.

Dublin is definitely one of the best places in the world for both work and quality of life! Everything is close and convenient and the travel routes in and from (the airport) are great.

The only thing I wish I could change is the weather: the sunny days are way too short – but I get it, somethings just aren’t possible:)

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Ireland is great for tech careers!

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