Sales Snapshot – Meet Julien, Sales in Paris!


I won’t lie, seeing the fruits of your hard work become a deal for sale online gives such a sense of pride!

When did you join Groupon?

I joined Groupon back in September 2014 and I work as a new business/sales development manager. My role is to find new partners and explain to them why working with Groupon is a good idea for their business. I’m part of a great team that has been together for a few years now – even despite my 2 years here, I’m still the new kid on the block!

Is this your first sales role?

No – I’ve always worked in sales. I founded my own company when I was 20 years old, but once I sold it, I spent a few years in field sales and then as a sale engineer for a telecoms operator: all good experience which has served me well here at Groupon!

So what does an average day look like?

Well, each day is different but I always try to maintain a proper level of structure and stay organised. Mornings, I’m mostly involved on new business acquisition while in the afternoons I spend my time on partner meetings. I like to plan ahead whenever possible – it helps me stay calm during the week!

What do you like about your job?

I really enjoy the meetings with my client partners – they’re always varied, always different. That’s what I love about it. I meet people from all walks of life; they tell me about their work, their passions. I’ve visited the magnificent places and met wonderful people! It has all been incredibly personally enriching.

Has your career progressed during your time at Groupon?

Yes my career has absolutely progressed – and it continues to do so! Since I joined I’ve been promoted twice, so I’m evolving and achieving my ambitions.  You need to take every opportunity and listen to good advice – having great managers who go that extra mile makes it all possible.

So do you think your work here helps Groupon achieve its mission?

Yes I do, but I also think everyone brings something unique to Groupon. Each member of the team contributes to the company’s development in their own way, so it’s not just down to me or any single person.

I won’t lie, seeing the fruits of your hard work become a deal for sale online gives such a sense of pride! Every evening, I always take a quick glance to see what new deals have come on board the platform and what is selling. I love it!

Would you recommend working at Groupon to a friend?

Without hesitation! In fact, I already did – twice!


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