Sales Snapshot – Meet Carola in Berlin!

carola photo 2 (1)

Even aside from the commission, negotiating and striking a deal with new partners and then watching it sell is a great feeling!

Tell us about your role and what brought you to Groupon

I joined Groupon’s Inside Sales ‘hunting’ team in September 2015. I was intrigued by working in sales as I thought it would combine my interests and my skills perfectly: I studied Sociology and did my Masters in Cultural Anthropology so, being empathetic and working with people have always been priorities for me. In order to finance my studies I used to do several promotion jobs where the focus lay on sales, so combining the two – career and area of study – as well as the prospect of working with a well-known, international company is what brought me here.

At Groupon I really enjoy the relaxed work atmosphere, we are free to schedule our day as we need and work as a team and help each other all the time. Speaking to all different kinds of people on the phone as well as being creative and researching prospective partners are big positives too.

So tell us about your Typical Day…

My typical work day (if there even is such a thing) consists of first checking my agenda and creating a little to-do list. I call partners with whom I have arranged meetings and at least once a week I research new topics and partners that might be interested in coming on board our platform. This often depends on the season. For example, right now as we are approaching the summer, I am  looking for cool outdoor events and partners such as rafting or boat rentals. I recommend always checking your area for new restaurant or shop openings too as these places are often looking for new customers and greater awareness, which Groupon can help with perfectly..

Has your career progressed with Groupon?

I definitely feel that I have progressed since coming to Groupon. Every day I improve my understanding of the product and internal operations, and I have also developed and fine-tuned the way in which I speak to partners on the phone to really engage them from the outset. The first few weeks on the job are always a bit difficult as you have to figure out how to explain Groupon and engage partners. After a while though, everyone develops their own style. For example I always try to talk to the partners and establish what their business needs and challenges are. From there, we can structure a deal together and move forward.

Is the work challenging?

The biggest challenge to me is the negotiation between the partner, Groupon and the Groupon customers. On the one hand, the partner generally wants to earn lots of money preferably right away, while on the other hand a deal must be attractive enough to entice new customers to buy (for example through a higher discount). Last but not least, Groupon needs to be able to cover its marketing costs with the outcome of the deal. So it’s a bit of a three-way balancing act! Deal negotiations are definitely challenging, but that’s what makes them so rewarding. Even aside from the commission, negotiating and striking a deal with new partners and then watching it sell is a great feeling!

So would you recommend working at Groupon to a friend?

Yes, I definitely would. The work is challenging but it also provides you with a huge amount of knowledge and work experience. As a sales consultant at Groupon you can be really creative and choose topics and partners that you are passionate about, so it’s never boring anyway!


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