Sales Snapshot: meet Jordan, Inside Sales, Paris


The creative, group dynamic with my co-workers means we learn from each other, so we all benefit from our collective experience.
Hi Jordan,
Tell us a bit about your role and when you started with Groupon

I joined Groupon’s Local Inside Sales team in April 2014 – so exactly 2 years ago! – and I’m in charge of developing partnerships with our existing merchants all over France. Each day I work with our merchants on closing new deals and improving business opportunities. It’s a great team – there’s about 20 of us all over France and we work well together. The work environment is pretty relaxed, we keep each other motivate and the offices are great too!

Did you work in Sales before?

I’ve worked in many different types of sales roles before; previously I spent three years with a large food industry specialist where my goal was to develop a customer portfolio of over 300 food outlets. Following this I worked for a stock clearance specialist where I first collaborated with with Groupon as a supplier. I was intrigued by Groupon then, so I decided to give it a go and we’ve been together ever since!

So what does a typical day look like?

Every day brings new goals, partner negotiations and contract signings, so it’s always changing. My aim is to sign a minimum of five contracts each week; I tend to organize my calls into special ‘category sessions’, like calling only restaurants for example each Monday and Tuesday. Wednesdays are often dedicated to contacting beauty sector partners and so on. I find that working sector-by-sector helps me hit my targets, so that’s how I prefer to operate. After work it’s time to relax, so playing the office Fifa Football or Playstation with colleagues hits the spot!

Do you enjoy your work?

Yes! The big thing I really appreciate is the fact I get to negotiate directly with the management partners of various businesses. Each industry brings its own challenges, but also opportunities too, so our target is always to nurture the relationships between Groupon and our merchant partners and find new ways of doing business with them so that we keep them with us as long as possible. To get the results you need to see things from their perspective but also not give up either!

Two years on and I’m still learning every day. The creative, group dynamic with my co-workers means we learn from each other, so we all benefit from our collective experience. It has been a great experience – so  far – and I hope I have contributed to Groupon’s success!



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