Snapshot: Focus on…Our Editorial Team.


•Yassin Targuisti El Khalifi Bennas•

Writer, Editorial Team, Casablanca


The working environment is simply amazing, the office looks super nice and all the co-workers are extremely cool.


Before I started working in Groupon I was in college studying business, marketing and communication, and of course living the crazy college life full of books, presentations, fast food and exams. So by the time I finished I was pretty excited to start sending my resume to all kinds of corporations, however the day that I found the Groupon job advertisement on the internet and after reading a few things about Groupon’s  environment, I automatically realised that Groupon is where I should focus all my energy in order to get the job!

How was the recruitment Process?

It might sound weird to you, but it was fun! You discover that Groupon isn’t a bank or a typical financial company based in Wall Street, Groupon is Groupon. It has its own values and methods of doing things and that’s something that I realised the minute I started talking on the phone to the recruiter. The interview wasn’t a regular interview where they ask you the typical questions that you usually over prepare for, it was more a friendly but professional talk where the recruiter smartly analysed me and determined whether I was the right person for the job. Also, one thing I have to say is that the Groupon HR team is definitely the best one that I have had the pleasure to deal with.

A few days after the phone call I went to the main offices for the face to face interview, and guess what, I went wearing a suit and tie!!  Yeah, you understand what I’m talking about…

After a simple exam and a nice interview with the manager and the head of recruitment I went back home, and in a few days I received the call that made me an official member of the Groupon Family.


Yes, I do. I’m a writer so I spend the day writing up the offers that you see on the Groupon web page or the app, and it’s tons of fun. You can’t imagine how many new things I learn each day!

Every day something new to write about appears in front of me. Before writing, my teammates and I brainstorm and share experiences. However, off the record, I have to admit that each time I have to write about cosmetics or similar things, I have to ask for help from the girls that work with me. I’m not that good when it comes to ladies’ beauty things, it’s a foreign universe to me!! After discussing it we manage to write a description of the product or the service that is informative and at the same time attracts the attention of the Groupon users. Trust me, we give each offer all the attention it deserves. It’s the least we can do because businesses all over the world trust Groupon to promote and sell their products, so I treat each offer like it’s a small marketing campaign that deserves all my respect and attention.

A really important thing for me is to see my work published online. When you see people hit that ‘buy’ button, well I’m not going to lie, I love that feeling! In fact, each night when I go back home I turn on my laptop and I take a look to see what’s been published and been bought, and I simply love that feeling.


Well I simply sit at my desk and process hundreds of thousands of row metadata, wearing a tie that doesn’t allow me to breath, drinking cheap coffee and looking at the clock counting the seconds to go home, knowing that tomorrow will be exactly the same…

I really scared you right?? This is Groupon so it’s absolutely the opposite. The working environment is simply amazing, the office looks super nice and all the co-workers are extremely cool. Even the manager is more than a manager by definition, he is a friendly man that will help you whenever you need it, guiding your steps if you ever feel lost.

And guess what, the Groupon family of Morocco is still growing. So if you’re reading this at home with nothing to do or you believe that this is the moment for you to change a few things in your life, don’t hesitate a second and knock on the door. You won’t regret it because Groupon is more than a regular working place, it is a family where each person finds his or her place.

A boxer boxes, a runner runs, a writer writes!



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