Snapshot: Focus on…Our Sales Ninjas!


•Joshua Daniels•

Sales Executive, London

No other company can offer the varied approach to everyday life that Groupon offers…

How long have you worked in Groupon and what attracted you to come work here in the first place?

I joined Groupon back in September after an 8 month period of being self employed. My previous work experience had been in the sports marketing world but to progress in that I needed sales experience. When Groupon contacted me I had other job offers on the table but thought I would come along to the assessment day as I had nothing to lose. I ended up enjoying the assessment day and I got on well with the other people on it, so I chose Groupon over some other companies. No other company can offer the varied approach to everyday life that Groupon offers and allow me to learn about a number of different industries that I was clueless about previously.

You’ve worked in sales before. What’s different about this sales role?

This sales role is a lot more varied than my previous ones. I had been selling sponsorship and tickets previously whereas now I can be selling anything from a manicure to tickets for a 10km run. If I am having a bad time with one category I can just approach another one and clear my mind.

Walk us through an average day – If such a thing exists!

There is no such thing as an average day at Groupon! Some days I get into the office and I am on the phone non-stop for 8 hours chasing down leads whereas on other days I can’t find enough hours in the day to write up the contracts as all my partners are coming back to me at exactly the same time. Making sure everything is written down is the only thing I do every day!

Do you feel you have progressed in your career with Groupon and if so, how does it feel?

I’m still in the early stages of building a career, but Groupon is definitely making me a more rounded person. Before, everything I did was sports obsessed with little consideration for the outside world. Now, I am building up knowledge about everything.

Do feel that your work is helping Groupon achieve its mission?

Groupon’s willingness to experiment is what is helping it achieve its mission. I am just fortunate enough that I have quite a lot of creative freedom to explore any area that comes across my mind knowing that 9 out of 10 times Groupon will back me.

Would you recommend working in Groupon to a friend and if so, why?

Yes, and I have done! Working in an office where everyone is so varied in their life experiences makes for a very enjoyable place to work. Then there is also the fact that at 6pm you can leave the office and not have to think about work until 9am when you get in the next day. This is a different approach from some of my previous jobs where the expectancy is on you to complete your work no matter how late you have to stay.

And finally, got anything fun or quirky to tell us about?

I was in four sports teams whilst at university including ultimate frisbee and rounders (the other two were football and lacrosse).


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