Groupon Grads-Meet Our New Sales Recruits



•Rebecca Ryan•


Rebecca is one of our newest recruits who came through our very first Groupon Grad Programme. She is from Ireland, but moved to London to work with us and she hasn’t looked back since!

All in all, the experience has definitely been a great one and one definitely worth making the move to London for!

Hi Rebecca,

You came through the Groupon Grad Programme, tell us a bit about that.

Yes, we were the first bunch of grads to come through the grad programme.The assessment centre was not only a first for Groupon, but it was my first time attending one so I wasn’t sure what to expect but it definitely didn’t disappoint. The process was very straightforward and quick. I had confirmation I got the job two weeks after I submitted my CV! I think in terms of a first job out of university, Groupon was a great move for me because it’s not as scary or as intimidating as the thoughts of entering the working world, it definitely eased me in.

The two weeks of training we received at the start in a classroom environment, as well as the buddy system that was implemented when we first came onto the sales floor may have seemed like small little initiatives but have come a long way in terms of all of us settling into the role as quickly as possible. Even to come into a sales role on an inbound team to begin with is a great breeding ground for sales.

As we progress in the role and become more confident we are still being challenged with both account management and business development roles within our inbound role. This is to prepare us and help us make informed decisions about our roles after our time in inbound. All in all, the experience has definitely been a great one and one definitely worth making the move to London for!

So how long have you been here now and what attracted you to Groupon in the first instance?

I have worked here since September 2015. I was attracted to Groupon  because it’s an international brand that people are not only familiar with, but it is one that today is so relevant for mobile application in an industry that did not even exist 10 years ago! The company still has a start up vibe as there is room for quick progression, autonomy and a steep learning curve from the get go.

Have you worked in sales before and if so, what is different about this sales role?

I worked in retail sales all throughout college and I thought this would prepare me, and while it did to a small extent, my role at Groupon is definitely a huge step up. Sales I think is a good place to start in any company as you get to learn the ins and outs of a company and essentially everything boils down to sales.

Walk us through an average day – If such a thing exists!

My days consist of reaching out to merchants that have recently got in touch with Groupon and seeing what deals they are looking to run, and trying to close deals for them that are feasible for Groupon, the merchant and has a great price for the customer. This coupled with keeping in touch with and responding to merchants with whom I have already ran deals and ensuring they’re happy with their deals, and seeing if there are any new deals they wish to run.

Do you enjoy your job?

Yes, I have been enjoying my job so far. The sales floor has a great atmosphere and there are loads of people you get to interact with on a daily basis. One of Groupon’s mottos is ‘Great People make Great Companies,’ and looking around the sales floor you can definitely see it. The people are great. Everyone is approachable and friendly, I think this is my favourite thing about the office. It’s a young, energetic and quite diverse international office, which again makes it feel not too far from a university vibe.



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