Global Grouponers: Melbourne > London

After an impressive 5 years with Groupon, Dean Spencer – our Aussie Boy and Director of Sales for London – shares his top tips for spotting intuitive salespeople!

Hi Dean!
Tell us briefly how long you’ve been with Groupon and your role(s) here.

I have been with Groupon almost 5 years! I was hired by the Groupon Australian founders and to start I was sent to Auckland, NZ, where I helped launch and build the Auckland sales business.  After two months I became the Melbourne Regional Director.

The Melbourne market was heavily competitive but I had a strong team full of hard-core hunters. Together we secured market share and rose to the number one position in the market in just over 18 months. From there I started scanning Groupon globally and was presented with an amazing opportunity with Groupon UK. I went from Regional Director for the North West to the London Regional Director – it has been an exciting and challenging three years!

Groupon is still a young company and yet you have been with us for a substantial part of its lifetime. How has the company changed? Have you changed with it?

It’s been an incredible journey, and I feel lucky to have been part of Groupon’s growth. How have we changed?  One thing that stands out most to me, especially in the UK, is the way premium brands and top merchants, like Warner Bros and Michelin Star restaurants, now want to partner with us.  Groupon now more than ever strengthens partner brands and enables them to increase profits and grow.  How have I changed? When I walk the streets of London I look at local businesses differently: I’m no longer just a customer. I imagine the possibilities of how they could partner and become stronger with us.

As Director of Sales for London, you need to look for the best calibre of sales people, both new recruits and more seasoned agents. What kind of person do you think is a great ‘fit’ for the new Groupon?

Working in Sales at Groupon is incredibly fast-paced and given we’re essentially marketing other merchants products and services, we’re always looking for intuitive salespeople who understand local businesses. To be a consistent top performer, you need to be strategic, driven, enthusiastic, positive, solutions-oriented and a team player.  To perform at your full potential and to get noticed you must always display the right behaviours, and I mean the little things; be reliable always, respond professionally to challenging and stressful situations, be honest and put your opinion forward, and be the ‘go to’ guy for help. This will see you gain recognition and earn credibility within the business – I call it “having the X Factor”.  

It’s the X that makes the most £’s!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join one of the best sales teams around, check out our video below or visit us on LinkedIn


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