Snapshot: Focus on…Our Sales Ninjas!


•Phil Gannon•

Outside Sales Account Executive, Dublin


If you’re looking to learn and excel at sales, Groupon is for you!


Hi Phil,

So tell us, how long have you worked in Groupon and what attracted you to come work here in the first place?

November 2014 is when I started my Groupon journey. I previously worked for a small e-commerce company in Dublin for about 5 years. We were one of the first companies to partner with Groupon to supply goods into the Irish market, so I had an existing relationship with Groupon!

A recruiter reached out to me about joining the Groupon ‘Local Business’ team here in Dublin and I jumped at the chance. Groupon’s core value proposition of connecting local businesses with local customers really appealed to me and I had seen first-hand the impact it can have on a business. Not only that, but you are helping small/medium businesses that may not have the expertise or resources, to reach a large targeted audience. It’s never been done before so it’s exciting to be involved in a brand new industry.

You’ve worked in sales before, but what drew you to sales and what’s different about this sales role?

My previous roles were more account management and marketing oriented rather than straight-up sales. I’m competitive by nature so this fast paced environment was attractive to me. Ireland is one of Groupon’s most competitive markets in Europe so everyday is a real challenge. Groupon has much more to offer than just discounts & bulk emails. Our platform is really flexible and as a result, we more than likely have a solution to fit your business’s needs. Helping partners across Ireland understand this, find the solution to fit their specific needs, and reach their potential is really fulfilling. Groupon is constantly evolving and moving forward so it’s an exciting place to work.

Walk us through an average day – If such a thing exists!

There is no such thing as an average day with Groupon! We deal with such a broad range of partners you could be talking to 20+ different personalities from very different industries everyday. The first thing I do every morning is check my email and then make a list of partners to contact before and after lunch. I could be following up on a proposal, problem-solving an issue, reaching out to a prospect or just checking on a new partner’s experience so far. We are building for the future at Groupon so nurturing long term relationships is very important. 

Do you enjoy your job?

Yes! It’s so much craic* I sometimes stop to think “am I really getting paid for this!?” Joking aside we do have a great team here in Dublin so that really helps. Even if your day is not going according to plan there is always someone there to offer an opinion or support.

*Craic is Irish slang for fun, just in case there is any confusion.

Do you feel you have progressed in your career and if so, how does it feel?

Big time! Not only have I learned a range of new skills that I continue to develop, but I am surrounded by real sales talent. You can’t help but pick up tips & tricks along the way. In August of this year I was assigned the role of ‘Leisure Specialist’ for Ireland. My target was to increase the amount of leisure partners we have and to increase the quality of partners we are working with. By bringing partners like Dromoland Castle & HMV/Xtra-Vision to the platform I hope my appointment has been a success. It’s a great feeling when you get these premium partners onboard and they perform well, everyone’s a winner!

Do feel that your work is helping Groupon achieve its mission?

Groupon is building for the future. That means building long term relationships with our partners. I would like to think that many of the partners I have brought to the platform will work with Groupon again in the future.

Would you recommend working in Groupon to a friend and if so, why?

Yes for two reasons:

  1. Some of the people I have met working with Groupon are the best salespeople I have met. Every team member is open to questioning at anytime. I have learned a huge amount just by being in the same room as them. If you’re looking to learn and excel at sales, Groupon is for you. 
  2. If challenging yourself is part of your personality, Groupon is the place to be. Every day is different, new problems to solve, new people to meet and most importantly more commission to make!
And finally, got anything fun or quirky to tell us about?

I once ran a half marathon for charity on Valentine’s Day, dressed as Cupid including wings!!


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