Snapshot: Focus On…Our Sales Ninjas!


• Sona Nathwani •

Account Manager, North-West Regions

Groupon is full of young talented people and it’s a great place to learn and develop.
Hi Sona,
So you joined the In-bound Sales Team at Groupon not so long ago – tell us a bit about what you do!

I actually started in the Quality Assurance Department at Groupon where I progressed pretty quickly and moved on to become a Senior Advisor, which offered a more varied role and an increased level of responsibility. As a Senior Advisor I worked closely with the sales teams and began to get a taste for the sales world. A year later I decided that I wanted to move into sales so I could work with our merchants and be more involved with what we put onto the site, rather than policing and being part of the ‘No Team’ – apparently this is what QA was known as, obviously because we were a such scary bunch who spent our time rejecting deals! Not true at all! 🙂

I started in In-bound Sales in January 2015 which was a nice way to ease into the role as it involved working with merchants who had already reached out to us to find out more about how Groupon works and what it can offer them. Being in In-bound Sales allows you to figure out where your strengths lie and gives you the option of working with new business or existing merchants. After three months, I moved over to Account Management where I now work in the North West Regions.

Was this your first sales job?  How did you find the training?

I hadn’t worked in sales at all prior to In-bound.  The training was helpful and in-depth, and it’s great for people starting with Groupon as you get to find out how each department works. Having already worked in QA for two years, it was a little bit weird being on the ‘other side’ during the training.  Hands-on training is always the best, so taking calls allowed me to learn and put into practice the objection handling skills we were taught during the induction programme.

Walk us through your average day – if such a thing exists!

My average day consists of responding to emails and calls from merchants regarding queries they have or new features they wish to run. I look through deals that are currently running and see where improvements can be made in order to increase sales or where tools can be developed in order to make the merchant’s life easier, like the recently developed booking system. I also look to see if there are any new features that the merchants wish to run.  This needs to be done fairly regularly as customer demand changes frequently.

Do you enjoy your job? What do you love and what do you find challenging about it?

I enjoy the fact that every week we focus on different elements of the business. For example, some weeks we will have to focus on specific deal types in different cities depending on demand. The challenging aspect is having monthly target increases, so each month you have to push yourself to do more while facing obstacles such as merchants being on holiday during public or school holidays.

Do you feel you have progressed and hit targets in your career so far?

I have progressed at a fast rate and hit my targets so far, but in sales you have to be motivated to hit targets in order to get to where you want to be. You will get times when you think you aren’t going to hit your target because bad days or weeks can happen, but the main thing is to stay positive and not give up.

Do you feel that your work is helping Groupon achieve its mission?

Yes. I would like to think it is. Groupon is a great market place and hopefully by continuing to build good relationships with our current merchants we can increase both the number of merchants we retain and the number of merchants we take on.

Would you recommend working at Groupon to a friend?

Yes, I would say that Groupon is full of young talented people and it’s a great place to learn and develop.

And Finally… Got anything fun or quirky to tell us?  Do you speak fluent Klingon? Are you a champion yodeller? Can you tap dance?

I have a black belt in Karate and so, can kick ass if I need to 🙂


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