Snapshot: Focus on…Our Sales Ninjas!

Sales Ninja Tom Davies

• Tom Davies •

Account Manager, In-bound Sales, UK & Ireland

You have targets but they’re not looming over you and you thrive on achieving them as you know you’re going to be rewarded for hard work!

Hi Tom!
So you joined the In-bound Sales Team at Groupon not so long ago – tell us a bit about what you do and what department or stream do you work in?

I joined In-bound sales at the start of November 2014 and was ‘delocalised’, meaning I am not tied to any specific region but can work anywhere in the UK and Ireland. During my first week I was trained up on the systems and ‘Groupon 101’ before being thrown in at the deep end the following Monday morning. Needless to say I was petrified, however I sought comfort from my then Regional Director, Neil Jamieson, who put a metaphorical arm around me and told me I was more than capable. That was the start of my Groupon journey.

[note: ‘Delocalised’ does not refer to a medical procedure!]

Was this your first sales job?

Actually yes, it was. I was originally rejected by Groupon, even after a recommendation from another Account Manager! However, after sending a witty and somewhat bold email to the recruiter and In-bound Director (Neil), they decided to give me an interview where I was told that Groupon appreciated my ‘moxie’ and was willing to give me a shot: turns out it was the only shot I needed and it allowed me get my foot in the door.

Walk us through your average day – if such a thing exists!

No two days are ever the same – except for the excitement; that’s always there! I am now a Delocalised Account Manager covering the southern regions of the UK where I have worked for almost four months now. I spend a lot of time contacting merchants from all types of industries and learning about their company’s marketing objectives to see how Groupon fits within their aims. The job allows you to be your own person and work in a way that suits you. You have targets but they’re not looming over you and you thrive on achieving them as you know you’re going to be rewarded for hard work!

Do you enjoy your job?

Honestly, I love my job! I am able to learn so much about so many different businesses because of the environment and nature of the work, and it has made me a better marketing consultant. Everything I do has a degree of challenge to it, but I never find myself overwhelmed or pulling my hair out. The sales floor is open plan and you can approach anyone and people are always willing to help you.

Do you feel you have progressed in your career? How does that feel?

Yes! I have progressed my abilities ten-fold and continue to do so every single day by applying myself and engaging in what I am doing, because what I do interests me. In less than seven months at Groupon I have held three roles: In-bound Sales Executive, Market Development Executive and Regional Account Manager. Each role has been a stepping stone in my career and has allowed me to pick up a vast amount of skills and progress in a short amount of time.

Do you feel that your work is helping Groupon achieve its mission?

Yes. Without me the site has no offers and dies*. I am vital to the company’s success and they reward me accordingly!

* tongue firmly in cheek 🙂

Would you recommend working at Groupon to a friend?

Yes. Being here is like no other job you’ve had, or ever will have, but work hard because nobody likes a slacker!

And Finally… Got anything fun or quirky to tell us?  Do you speak fluent Klingon? Are you a champion yodeller? Can you tap dance?

I’m just a normal, incredibly handsome man who sometimes walks into sliding doors…more than once.


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