This Intern Life


• Pradeep ‘Praddy’ Mahadeshwar •

Visual Design Intern, Consumer Marketing

Hi Praddy!
What type of internship are you on with Groupon?

I work as a Visual Design Intern on the Consumer Marketing Team and I started in January 2015 for 6 months. Now, I have completed almost five months and I’m happy to say I have just accepted the offer of a permanent position at Groupon!

What did you do for a living before you came to Groupon?

It was a long journey! Before I started here I was working from home as a freelance graphic designer on various design projects and also practicing Fine Arts in my studio. I received my MA in Fine Arts: Printmaking from New Bucks University in the UK in 2011. Before that, I worked for 14 years as Creative Head for an advertising agency in Mumbai. In Dublin, I was studying part-time for a Higher Diploma in Computer Science and Mobile Technology, but I found it very difficult to get a full-time job as I am not from here. I have a lot of professional work experience and a good portfolio, but many times I felt I was denied the job because of my origin, and sometimes because of my sexual orientation. I started feeling that my origin and sexual orientation were much bigger than my experience and skills.

I heard about the internship at Groupon from my college. Initially I was not so enthusiastic about applying for it because of a few unpleasant past experiences of job-hunting. My faculty virtually ‘forced’ me to apply – so I did, without any expectations. Then, just after Christmas one evening I got a phone call from Groupon and their respectful politeness surprised me!

Groupon strongly stands for an equal opportunity.

So you were attracted to Groupon, then?

I am passionate about design and particularly interested in UX design. The internship at Groupon has allowed me to really delve into this area, which was the main reason I applied.

What does a typical day look like?

Groupon is a fast-paced company and no two days are ever same here. Sometimes it feels like you are a part of big whirlpool! I work for a design team that creates the online marketing assets for EMEA. We deal with various countries and languages in Europe and work closely with the CRM Marketing and the Consumer Marketing teams, both here and in the US. As an in-house design team for the Dublin office we constantly work in different areas too, from engineering to affiliates.

Is the reality of your work here different to what you expected?

The real experience of working as an Intern at Groupon is beyond my imagination. When I initially applied for the internship I was expecting to be doing small, helping jobs for the design team. But since my very first day my presence was considered for serious tasks. I was given access to the latest range of graphics software and online learning material. I also became a part of the strategic level design meetings and discussions. It was great to learn how things are done in a multi-continent corporate setting and make an impact on the company.

At Groupon I got a chance to use my previous experience and graphics skills – As they say if you are a good swimmer you can plunge into any water!

What do you like about working here?

Groupon has a unique balance of deadlines for serious tasks and yet fun at work. People from different teams are always enthusiastic to exchange views and explore various ideas. You can learn a lot by just being here. At a personal level it’s a great boost for my confidence and at the end of every day I feel satisfied but also hungry for more exciting assignments and discussions.

Would you recommend an internship here?

Definitely! Yes! Much recommended.

Finally – are you enjoying yourself?

Yes! I am ☺


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