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Sandra Burtenshaw

• Sandra Burtenshaw, Data Analyst •

Sandra chats to us about her experience as an Intern in Groupon’s Dublin office, her new permanent role in the Marketing Analytics Department and “all the fantastic, talented people” she has met here…

Flattery will get you everywhere Sandra!

Tell us a little bit about your Internship with Groupon!

An internship program was a required component of the course I was studying at college – Higher Dip. in Data Analytics at the National College of Ireland (NCIRL).

I started my internship 3 months ago and have been fortunate enough to be offered a permanent position which is a very exciting opportunity for me.  I started my new role as a Data Analyst in the Marketing Analytics departments a few weeks ago.


What did you do before you came to Groupon?

Before coming to Groupon I was working in a wine shop while studying part-time at the NCIRL.  My background was in IT but after taking something of a career break from the industry for a number of years, I felt it was time to return and found that through the support of both the college and my colleagues at Groupon, that it has been an easy transition back into an office environment and more analytical role.


What does a typical day – if such a thing exists – look like for you?

I work in the Marketing Analytics Department which reviews metrics globally for all marketing channels across North America, EMEA, APAC and LATAM. We operate an Agile Sprint ticket system, so each morning I review any open tickets, which I then work on throughout the day.  Any interesting findings are reported at the end of each day at the daily stand-up.


What do you like about working here?

I think the stand-out feature of my experience so far has been how interesting and absorbing the work at Groupon is. The day absolutely flies from start to finish and I find that I am using the latest technologies, trying out new ideas and I’m able to apply practically all the knowledge I gained while studying for my HDip.

From my first day on everyone was so warm and welcoming. The on-boarding process was an excellent introduction to the company and through a number of training sessions in my first couple of weeks I was ready to get going on my initial projects. The casual dress code is an added bonus!


Would you recommend an internship here?

Absolutely, the experience I have gained so far has been invaluable. It was a key interest of mine to get involved in some Big Data projects using the latest technologies and the Groupon internship experience has delivered on all fronts. That, and all the fantastic, talented people I’ve met so far!


Finally – are you enjoying yourself?

Again absolutely!  Aside from work, there are also plenty of opportunities to get out and have some fun, from the many nights out to boot camp at lunch hour, if that’s your thing – I haven’t been brave enough yet!

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